Before / Progress

After / Completion

Project Description

Client:   Sylis Property Management
Location:   Morgan Manor Apartments
Number of Units: 154
Year Completed:   1963
Value: $450,000

Roof replacement of flat roof system at entire property (91,000 square feet of TPO membrane layover).

The Challenges

Whenever roofs are replaced, the following obstacles are inevitable: noise, debris on the ground, inclement weather. With this particular job, it was important to show the client we not only had their best interest in mind, but that we wanted them to be a participant in the process.

We accomplished this by keeping the client in the loop throughout the course of the job with daily pictures and reports. The onsite manager was notified each day of progress and setbacks and we worked together to ensure the job was run as efficiently as possible. This, in turn gave the client the ability to stay ahead of residents and always in-the-know as to where we were in the process.