Project Description

Client: IDEA Schools: Carver Academy
Location: San Antonio, TX 78202
Number of Units: 412
Square Feet of Roofing: 40,000
Year Built: 2001
Year Completed:   2019
Value: $700K

The IDEA Carver Academy is a charter school located in downtown San Antonio. Originally established in 2001 by David & Valerie Robinson, the school was in need of capital repairs including replacement of package HVAC units and all new roofs. The job cycle began at the beginning of 2019 when the HVAC contract was won, however, the roofs were added and the job was pushed to the summertime to coincide with the school’s summer break to minimize disruption to the students and faculty. The replacement of 11 HVAC systems included utilization of a crane to remove and replace units from the tree-surrounded building. The roof replacement utilized the specified Firestone modified bitumen system and TPO system for parapet walls. Coordination with limited summer staff kept the process on track.

The Challenges

A school is never fully closed. Although it was the summer, there were always programs running or someone using facilities. Accordingly, it was important to coordinate scheduled construction phases such as when the 11 HVAC systems were offline, traffic control, crane access and lift access as well as work around the various programming and teacher in-service days to keep operational disruption to a minimum. Additionally, the roof removal came with a couple surprises requiring the coordination of site meetings with the Architect and Firestone representative in order to troubleshoot and determine solutions. The job completed on time and within budget.